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an old metal bird sitting in the grass
a metal dolphin sculpture sitting on top of a table
Jean Pierre Augier, sculpture - Ego - AlterEgo
Jean Pierre Augier, sculpture
a dog that is sitting on the floor with a hose attached to it
a metal bird sculpture sitting on top of a grass covered ground next to a bush
Recycled Farm Steel Sculpture
Recycled Farm Steel Sculpture by Chris Jaworski, via Behance
a large metal peacock standing on top of a lush green field
Peacock - Saw blades, chainsaw chain, glass, forged, maybe rakes?
a bottle opener with a beer in it and a hand holding the handle to open
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Custom bottle opener - RocknRobs by 20ValleyCustomIron on Etsy
three metal faces are attached to the side of a wall
Woodworking Jigs Tumblr
a pink and white bird with long legs on top of a table next to a lamp
a sculpture of a person holding scissors on top of a table
File Surfer by Jerry Tate |
File Surfer by Jerry Tate on ARTwanted
an old metal toy car sitting on top of a white surface
Este artigo não está disponível - Etsy
Reserved for Tim Flowers Recycled Metal by DerekMcDonaldArtwork
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a table
Jean-Pierre Augier, 1950 | Metal sculptures
Jean-Pierre Augier, 1950 | Metal Art sculptures
a metal bird with long legs standing on gravel
flat footed bird feeder
Big flat footed bird feeder
a metal bird holding a watering can with scissors in it's beak and mouth
DIY Blinds Online Australia | Buy Custom Blinds | Cheap Blinds
Rooster! Garden art made from metal scraps. How clever!