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several appetizers are arranged on a long white plate with green garnishes
Shrimp Fritters with Lime Mayonnaise | RICARDO
blueberries and cheese are arranged on skewers
a loaf of bread with flowers on it next to sliced lemons and lavender sprigs
Chive Butter with Chive Blossoms Recipe | The Feedfeed
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some food is sitting on a plate next to tomatoes
Easy Greek Tomato Balls
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there are many sushi rolls on the tray
Chicago Area Weddings | Revel Motor Row | Jamie & Graham
small appetizers are arranged on a white plate with green garnishes
Eat — Very Vanderpump
Eat — Very Vanderpump
several pieces of food are arranged on top of a gray surface with scallions and garnishes
Tuna Tartare with Nori Chips
small pastries with chocolate frosting are on a white and gray plate, ready to be eaten
Duck Liver Mousse With Warm Duck Fat Financiers
This duck liver mousse on warm duck fat infused savory pastry will have people reaching for their phones. First one to Instagram wins!
a person holding a white plate with food on it and a flower in the middle
Hors D'oeuvres Gallery | Maine Wedding and Event Catering | Trillium Caterers
House Smoked Salmon on Crispy Rice with Everything Spice
a person holding a wooden tray with mini sandwiches on it and toothpicks sticking out of them
55 Wedding Appetizer Ideas for the Best Cocktail Hour
three crackers with black caviar toppings on them
Caviar Recipes