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Inspiration Jack Black
jess a.m. artposting ( on X: "I wanted to take a bunch of different aspects, the voice actor, and just some artistic license into account so don't at me too hard if this wasn't what you imagined lol. His clothes are a bit anachronistic but oh well original post here:" / X

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an image of a man holding a bow and arrow in the snow with trees behind him
a painting of a man with long hair and beard holding a guitar in his right hand
Barde AI generated
Inspiration Jack Black
a man with his hands in the air surrounded by fire and sparks, as if he is trying to spell out something
Male Sorcerer
a man standing in front of a demon with his hands on his hips, holding a glowing book
the concept art for an upcoming movie is shown in three different poses, including one with long black hair and green eyes
a man with a spear standing in front of some cows on a field and looking up at the sky
Aurochs (@ActualAurochs) on X
three men in medieval costumes are holding swords and wearing purple outfits with hoods on them
City Guards, Lashy.lp
ArtStation - City Guards
a man with his hands out in front of the camera, surrounded by swirling water
#Umbracinese #umbrakinesi
an anime character holding his hands together in front of purple and black background with wings
an image of a cat with a hood and cape standing in front of the camera