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four black and white painted rocks with designs on them
a black and white image of a bird with its wings spread out, on a white background
kokopelli Croquis, Kokopelli Art, Grafiti, Desain Grafis, Pattern Art, Pintura
a painted rock with an image of a person holding a vase on it's side
four painted rocks sitting on top of a wooden table
Роспись камней.
Здравствуйте жители Страны Мастеров, решила поделиться с вами своими работами по росписи камней. Это дамы. фото 18
three rocks with designs on them sitting on a table
several wooden buttons with different designs on them
four different types of deers with designs on their body and head, all drawn in black ink
an image of some animals in the wild with antlers on their heads and horns
three ceramic ornaments hanging from strings on a gray surface with brown string around the edges
Shaman Drum Pendant with Rattle