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a woman in a pink dress is walking down the street with her purse and handbag
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the prince and princess of wales are walking down the street together, dressed in business attire
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two people walking down a path in front of a large group of people wearing coats and hats
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an older woman in a black dress and heels is standing at a podium with her hand on
a woman holding a child in her arms
the princess of wales arrives at an event in london
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53 Scandalous Dresses That Made People Lose Their Sh*t
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a body of water
51 Iconic Photos of Princess Diana That Will Always Live On
two women in dress clothes and hats walking down the street with other people behind them
Diana, Princess of Wales presents new colours to the Light Dragoon...
a woman in a red dress sitting on the back of a green truck with a man standing next to her