Acoustic ceilings for child care

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Acoustic gypsum ceilings, DANOloft® from Knauf DANOLINE, at kindergarten in Germany Children, Design, Childcare, Home Décor, Home, Acoustic, Kindergartens, Light Reflection, Kindergarten
Acoustic gypsum ceilings, DANOloft® from Knauf DANOLINE, at kindergarten in Germany 🤩
Benefits the Lümü kindergarten in Germany are experiencing with the DANOloft® acoustic gypsum ceiling from Knauf DANOLINE 👉 1. Excellent acoustics. 1. Stunning and bright design. 3. Robust and recyclable material. 4. Great light reflection. 5. High fire protection class 👏👏👏
a white wall with black dots on it
DANOloft acoustic ceiling used in both kindergartens and private homes
Our DANOloft® acoustic gypsum ceiling can be used in both residential and non-residential buildings 🤩🙌 DANOloft® is specially popular in kindergartens and private homes because of the perforation to edge, the light expression and the high acoustical performance🥳 - great for making the everyday sounds in homes and kindergartens pleasant rather than noise 😁👂
a white perfored wall with black dots on the top and bottom part,
Acoustic ceiling in kindergarten
Welcome to Petershagen #Kindergarten in Germany 🤩🤩 #DANOloft® from helps create a more pleasant and healthier indoor climate for both children and adults (thanks to better acoustics and marked by the certification: Danish Indoor Climate Label) 👏 #goodacoustics #goodaesthetics #design #gypsum #acousticceiling #wallabsorber #ceilingabsorber #gypsymceiling #daycare #childcare #acoustics
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Welcome inside the Lümü kindergarten in Northern Germany 😁 Both children and adults experience good acoustics thanks to DANOloft® acoustic ceiling from @KnaufDANOLINE 👏 DANOloft® is installed on every ceiling in every room which ensures good acoustics in everyday life where children are going to be children by making sounds, talking, laughing, singing, and just playing 😍😅 #acoustics #acousticceiling #knaufdanoline #danoloft #cleaneogo #goodacoustics #acousticsinkindergarten