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a living room filled with furniture next to a kitchen
Acoustic gypsum ceiling in private scandinavian home
Be inspired by DANOloft acoustic gypsum ceiling from Knauf DANOLINE 🤩 Installed in all rooms in this scandinavian private home 😎 Good acoustics ✔ great #aesthetics ✔ and a good indoor climate ✔ - thanks to the properties of #gypsum, 100% recyclable material 🥇 #acousticceiling #knaufdanoline
two children and an adult sitting at a table in front of a window with chairs
Gypsum acoustic ceilings in private homes
Recyclable gypsum acoustic ceilings in private homes create good acoustics for family's everyday life ✌️ No more noise, no more stress and much more calmness for both ears and eyes 🤩 Be inspired by private homes with acoustic ceilings from Knauf Danoline 😁 The acoustic ceiling panels are DANOloft®, Designpanel and Solopanel 👌
an open kitchen and dining room area in a modern home with large sliding glass doors
Designpanel acoustic ceiling in a private home in Denmark
Be inspired by the Østergaard family and their acoustic gypsum ceilings: Designpanel 🤩 When having Designpanel as an acoustic solution, the family gets: 👉A good acoustic solution 👉 A simple and classy acoustic ceiling that ensures a uniform expression without visible joints 👉 A quality product 👉 A neutral and aesthetic acoustic ceiling 👉 A lovely, calm and embracing atmosphere in every room Read the whole story about the family’s choice of acoustic ceilings by following link 👀
a large room with lots of windows and yellow furniture on the floor in front of it
Fresh air and excellent acoustics with ventilation acoustic ceilings
What do you get if you mix fresh air and good acoustics? 🤔 - Ventilation acoustic ceilings from Knauf DANOLINE 👀👏 The international Business College in Southern Denmark focuses on creating an inspiring and architectural learning environment that combines Nordic minimalism, excellent sound and acoustics with a healthy indoor climate and fresh air 🤩
acoustic ceiling Aesthetic Expression, The Family, Beautiful Design, Sustainability
Good acoustics in private home with acoustic gypsum ceiling
Good acoustics in private home in northern Denmark with DANOloft® acoustic gypsum ceilings from Knauf Danoline 😁 A sustainable solution that focuses on providing great acoustics, a healthy indoor climate and a simple and aesthetic expression 🤩 Learn more about the family’s acoustic solution and their thoughts about DANOloft® by clicking the link