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some planters are sitting on the side of a wooden ladder
8 Ingenious Small-Space Garden Hacks
a poster with the words kill ants in one day and an image of a red ant on
Kill ants and their colonies in just a day. I had thousands of small red ants and large red ones around my front and backyard. Using just a ramekin mixed up 3 batches. Stir well, flip it upside down to avoid wind they were gone.
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Stores that hand out five gallon buckets for free | Five Gallon Ideas
DIY Potassium Rich Plant Fertilizer
a person holding some green plants in their hand
LEMONGRASS: Wrapping lemongrass leaves & How we like to store them [Tauj Qab]
someone is planting garlic and onions in the garden with text overlay that reads, planting fall garlic & onions
How To Plant Garlic And Onions In The Fall - 5 Big Tips To Success!
a drawing of a bottle floating in the water with a toothbrush sticking out of it
Worm-Free Apples Without Chemicals