Boarding schools in Denmark

Denmark like all countries have boarding schools. Here are some and a little about what have taken place inside them.
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Denne bolig er ikke længere tilgængelig
Oure Efterskole focuses on sport activities. However privacy is nothing they bother about. They have demanded access to the students text-messages in cell phones. Newer legislation has stated that it would be a privacy violation. In 2006 they were sued by a parent but won despite having procedures which caught the department of education by surprise. In 1996 there was a number of issues regarding their funding.
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The students at Nysted Efterskole is not very well-liked by the local residents. In 1995 a local shop forced a student to undress because she suspected theft. The shop-owner was convicted in court. A soccer match in 2008 resulted in stone being thrown. In 2006 the student protested the lack of communication from the schools management.
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Forsvaret i front med fleksjob
Nyborgsskolen is a special boarding school for youth with hearing challenges. Sign language were normal among students and teachers but in 2009 the head master didn't want to learn it. The same year a lot of incidents involving vandalism, riot, expelling a large number of students reached the headlines in Danish newspapers. Later that year a student committed suicide,
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What is known today as Musikefterskolen i Humble used to focus on the outdoor which led to the death of a student when his kayak capsized due to suddenly appearing rough weather. The management relaunced the boarding school with focus on indoor activities like music and entertainment.
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Efterskole Archives - Velkommen til Mellerup Landsby
As it is often the case with boarding schools Mellerup Efterskole had its share of students using drugs. In 2008 the numbers of students expelled or suspended reached more than 20.
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Blykobbe Sanatoriet - Efterskole
The building housing Blykobbe Efterskole started as a sanatorium,later it was a retirement home before becoming a boarding school. In 2005 street fights occured between local residents and the students. In 2007 students conducted an armed robbery against a local shop.
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Bindernæs Efterskole went through a rough period when some students in 2007 were arrested of armed robbery against a local gas station and other caught stealing parts from a moped. In 2008 some fires in the neighborhood resulted in a police investigation.
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Baunehøj Efterskole is in the public mostly known for 2007 conviction of a teacher who engaged in relationships with the students of improper nature.
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Articles about Rydhave Slots Ungdomsskole in 2008 mentions drug use. In 2009 the school was mentioned in an article about the high number of students dropping out of boarding schools before time.
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In 2006 Rens Ungdomsskole expelled 51 students which was about a third of their students. They later changed management and allowed smoking but the bad reputation was hard to turn and in the end they closed.
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For få elever: Øhavets Efterskole lukker
Øhavets Efterskole near Kragholm, Rudkøbing expelled a large number of students due to drugs properly caused by having to stay at this very remote location. The school later closed.
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Højer Design Efterskole expelled almost every student in 2009 late in the year so they didn't lose so many money because the students were so happy that the school suspected that they had been drinking. No tests were made but the school not being a place of joy made the management conclude that they had to act.
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Efterskoleelever anholdt for voldtægt
Kongenshus Efterskole has faced difficult times. A group of students had to be rescued at sea. Later in 2010 some students faced charges of rape.
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Reklamebureauerne's Blog
Holmstrup Efterskole tried to blackmail the students by promising a trip to Cuba if they didn't drop out. It didn't work. The school later closed and today the buildings house a group home.
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Efterskole - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi
Today Odsherred Efterskole is mostly known for the fine they received when they put students in danger during a boat trip where the students had to be rescued by a local ferry. Also a roleplay between students caused a fire where two students were hospitalized for a short while.