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two children are painting on paper with paintbrushes and watercolors in front of them
sea shells and seashells are sitting on top of some white fluffy material in a pile
a white wall with many pictures hanging on it's side and one has a heart shaped frame in the middle
10 Photo Wall Collage Ideas for Your Bedroom - Its Claudia G
an instruction manual for how to sew a top with sleeves and collars, from the front
three women with different hair styles, one is wearing a scarf and the other has an umbrella
Les paréos
Pareos. O sarong é um grande retângulo de tecido que é enrolado em volta da cintura para enfrentar o sol. Em um tecido fluido e leve, corte um retângulo de 1,15 m por 2 m. Faça uma bainha dupla nas bordas externas. Envolvido em torno da cintura, ele vai fazer uma saia linda praia. Amarrada ao redor do pescoço, será um roupão muito feminina. O sutiã: Comece com o sarong dobrado ou enrolado na diagonal. Passe-o por trás do pescoço, seios e gravata nas costas.
scissors and t - shirt with cut on it
an open notebook with drawings of flowers on the pages, and a pink flower in the middle
an ornate tile pattern in blue, green and orange colors on a white wallpaper background
coquita — P. Kaufmann Outdoor Summer Breeze Poolside Fabric
an ink drawing of flowers on a white background
✨Metallic watercolors by Lisilinka!✨
Shimmering koys highlighted with my metallic watercolors :)
there are toothbrushes in the cup on the sink
a person holding a wooden spoon over a bowl filled with sea salt and oregano
Salt and pepper ceramic
three egg trays sitting on top of a table next to an egg in the middle
four flower shaped dishes are arranged on a white tablecloth, one is yellow and the other has pink flowers