Christmas 2017

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a bed sitting on top of a wooden floor next to an open door and window
Woman | Danmarks bedste kvindeunivers
the template for a birdhouse with measurements
Wendy’s festive gingerbread house | Le Franco Phoney
small gingerbread house template @Jody Rieck Rieck McMillan . Maybe this will help!!!!
some food is laying out on a white surface with words in spanish above it that read ravioli de beteraba
Easy Raw Beet Ravioli with Vegan Cashew Cheese
Raw Beet Ravioli with Vegan Cashew Cheese | Pinterest: Natalia Escaño
the table is set with blue and white plates, silverware, and gold place settings | Domain Name For Sale | Uni Market
Russian dinner table
a white plate topped with slices of cake next to a bowl of honey and spoon
Medovnik ( aka: honey cake) Best cake in Prague. Not a huge sweet dessert kinda gal, so this was perfect. Hint of sweet and just yum. Must learn to make this!
two slices of cake sitting on top of a white plate
Russian & European Gourmet Food Store | Russian Grocery | RussianFoodUSA
Medovik is a classic Russian honey cake that dates back more than 200 years... Most modern medovik cakes are made with a special, homemade filling.
a poster with many different items on it
Great Multiples (from Estonia)
Russian things. Visit to find out about group and individual Russian courses.
the dining room is decorated in gold and purple
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'Turandot' in Moscow, Russia. A lavishly done restaurant with silks and chandeliers, and offers a French, Japanese & Chinese menu.
instructions on how to make russian tea in a samova
How to make Russian tea in a samovar, infographics. #Russia
the cathedral is lit up at night in red and blue colors, with people walking around it
Moscow - St Basil's Cathedral at Night
Moscow - St Basil's Cathedral at Night..........I sooo want to actually be there and see this in person!!
the word russian language is written in different colors and shapes, with buildings on each side
Russia Poster by klippartdesign on DeviantArt
"Russia Poster" by