Rock Art

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a hand holding a painted rock with a sheep on it's face and eyes
two pictures of rocks with sheep painted on them
two painted rocks with chickens on them
Henrys sten
a hand holding a rock with a drawing of a caterpillar painted on it
a painted rock with a bunny face on it sitting on a grill grates surface
a hand painted rock with a mouse holding a dandelion
black and white tree silhouettes set with snow on the ground, trees in winter
Dibujo de árboles
there is a potted plant with many small cactuses in it on the ground
"Piante Sassose SempreVerdi e.... SempreVive"
Elena Sanson Dipinti su sasso: "Piante Sassose SempreVerdi e.... SempreVive"
a cat that is laying down on a pillow
Piedras pintadas