Gårdhave hus

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a patio with chairs, tables and umbrellas on the grass next to a house
Børnefamilie fik masser af lys og en lille varmeregning
the floor plan for an apartment with three bedroom, two bathroom and one living room
Udstillingshuse der inspirerer
a garden with lots of plants and rocks
Indret din have så den er flot hele året
there is a potted plant on the side of this building with columns in it
Haveplaner og haveideer i galleri. Havearkitekter viser havedesign.
an outdoor patio with chairs and tables surrounded by greenery
Förnyad trädgård som blev till stor glädje!
a wooden deck surrounded by plants and trees
Odlingslådor som lyfter!
a table and chairs on a patio near a brick building
Galleri 1 - Fuldmuret byggeri - funkishus - Uldum Huse A/S - 3672
an outdoor patio area with wooden decking and glass doors on the side of it
Galleri 23 - fuldmuret byggeri i funkis stil - Uldum Huse A/S - 3059