We believe a soft, tonal interior style and beige aesthetic creates a comforting setting for our sculptural home accessories and furniture. Most of our designs…
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Minimal Sculptural Vase Design by Kristina Dam Studio
The Serif Glass vase is designed with subtle curves inspired by the serif known from typography. Simple curves are a signature to Kristina Dam Studio designs and are no exception in creating the Serif Glass vases where the curve is unobtrusive. The vases are crafted from mouth-blown opal white glass and function as a sculpture or for displaying flowers graphically. Discover more from Kristina Dam Studio.
three different pieces of art sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other
Minimalist Monochrome Artworks for Nordic Style Interiors
Give your walls and art gallery aesthetic and explore the Kristina Dam Studio collection of modern abstract artworks with a tactile feel. From black and white graphic style illustration to beige aesthetic embroidered canvas artworks.
a living room with wood paneling and white furniture on the floor in front of a wooden wall
Discover the new sculptural decor collection | Kristina Dam Studio
Kristina Dam Studio presents new sculptural furniture and novelties for 2023. Explore the new collection of minimalist furniture for Nordic style interiors, online.
Sculptural Spinning Top Marble Mirror for Minimalist Interiors
Decorate your Scandinavian style interior with modern minimalist sculptural pieces from the Kristina Dam Studio collection. The Spinning Top marble mirror is a small decorative piece that lends a sense of Nordic minimalism to your bathroom or bedroom in a beautiful desert storm marble. Find more elegant minimalist mirrors for the home online.
Spring Home Décor - Danish Design by Kristina Dam Studio
We call our design approach for "Sculptural Minimalism". Designs by Kristina Dam Studio are graphic and architectural with a high level of details and excellent craftsmanship. Furniture from Kristina Dam Studio are mostly made from natural materials. We believe that mastering the monochromatic palette enable us to create timeless and enduring designs. Distinct and beautiful - simplicity with an attitude.
a black and white table with a vase on it next to a shelf filled with books
Minimalist sculptural plant pots and vases
The Serene plant pot is a sculptural piece in beige terracotta with a distinct silhouette which elevates the plant or floral display up from the base. Discover more minimal indoor plant pots and vases online.
Minimal Nordic Hand Cream - Kristina Dam Studio
Stylish and minimal hand soap and hand cream for modern minimalist bathrooms. Photo by Rebecca Goddard.
a wooden table with two chairs and a vase sitting on top of it in front of a wood paneled wall
Minimalist furniture inspired by Japanese and Nordic interiors
Discover Danish architect Kristina Dam's minimalist wood furniture collection inspired by architectural forms and Japanese interior style. Style your Nordic minimalist home with pieces that embody the sculptural minimalism that we're known for.
Modern round oak dining table | minimal dining room
The Collector round dining table is made from solid oak and the strength and detailed craftsmanship are embodied from every angle. A Danish design dining table for the modern interior that truly highlights the beauty and versatility of natural materials in design.
a living room with a couch, lamp and mirror
Bring light to your living room with mirrors
Style your Scandinavian style home with minimal mirrors with a sculptural appeal. Bring light and space into your home and explore our collection of modern mirrors.
the living room is clean and ready to be used as a place for people to relax
Kristina Dam Studio at Home with Mathilde Andersen
Inside Mathilde Andersen's Minimalist Living Room. Feel inspired to embrace Nordic minimalism and explore how Mathilde Andersen has styled key sculptural furniture from the Kristina Dam Studio collection. Discover sculptural home decor for your contempory home online.
a wooden table topped with books and vases next to a lamp hanging from the ceiling
Style your minimal home with sculptural objects
Founded by graphic designer and architect Kristina Dam in 2012, Kristina Dam Studio is a Danish design brand inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, Bauhaus art and natural materials. Their sculptural furniture and accessories feature graphic lines and bold Scandinavian style interiors. Styling by Allan Torp for Fantastic Frank.
the shelves are filled with dishes and cups on top of each other's sides
Modern kitchen Japandi style minimal tableware collection
The Setomono modern minimal tableware collection is the ideal collection to style open shelves in your kitchen. Bowls, plates and cups with a simple aesthetic, inspired by Japanese design with a Nordic interior style.