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a bowl filled with lots of different types of flowers and fruit on top of a table
Fruits and Flowers
many plates with different designs on them are arranged in a pattern and one is empty
The Novel Bakers Present The Forest Feast Gatherings by Erin Gleeson
an assortment of red and white dishes in a basket
the table is set with white flowers and green glassware, candlesticks and napkins
Set Collections | Maui Wedding & Event Rentals
a stack of green and white teacups sitting on top of eachother
For the Love of Transferware Teacups
a table with candles, flowers and fruit on it is shown in the foreground
Baroque Wedding with Rich Jewel Tones Featured on Love My Dress
a vase filled with flowers and fruit on top of a table
Lovely Santa Ynez Wedding at Lincourt Vineyards
an arrangement of fruit on a table with other fruits and vegetables in bowls next to it
Elopement and Wedding Photographer - Devon — EMMA BARROW