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a card with the words, today i give myself to you and flowers on it
One Year On ~ A Beginners Guide to Marriage... | Love My Dress®, UK Wedding Blog, Podcast, Directory & Shop
Oh wow, I just found this vow online the other day and decided this is what I want to use... and now here it is on Pinterest. :)
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it
This will be read at my wedding!! LOVE THIS !
a pair of socks that are on top of some cardboards with the words, in case of cold feet i can't wait to marry you
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Custom Cold Feet Socks Label for Groom Groom by RelaxEventStudio
a close up of a person's hand holding onto a jacket with buttons on it
Intimate Peach Garden Wedding | Glamour & Grace
groom with grandparents' photo pinned to inside of suit | Shea Christine Photography | Glamour & Grace
an open box containing socks and a card that says, increase your get cold feet
Groom's gift from bride. I should add that the groom has a thing for quirky socks and purple was in our color scheme. He could choose which pair he wanted to wear.
a bag filled with lots of food sitting on top of a floor next to a sign
Groomsmen survival kits! always thought of this for bridesmaids not Groomsmen. Love this idea.
a person holding a watch in their hand with a tag attached to the strap that says see you at 3 30pm
Sunshine Coast couple celebrate intimate Asian-inspired wedding - Real Weddings
groom gift
a card with the words to the man i love on our wedding day
Brianna and Avery's Wedding in Charleston, South Carolina
Gorgeous love note from the bride to her groom. Perfect for that something blue! {Photo by Reese Moore Weddings}
a wooden plaque that says, when i tell you i love you don't say it
Best Thing Wood Burning Wall Plaque