24 Pins
an animal with horns is standing in the grass
two pictures of an open green box on the floor, one with stuffed animals in it
a board game with wooden blocks and animals on it
a book with an image of a dragon on it's cover and the title, dot to dot
The Gruffalo - Tall Stories
an image of animals and plants in the shape of a square with space for text
Twinkl Originals - Twinkl
a coloring page with an image of a monster and another creature
Free Christmas crafts and activities for kids
the grizzly story map with animals and trees
Gruffalo Story Map (SB12486)
a craft made out of paper with scissors and grass in the mouth, sitting on top of a wooden table
The Gruffalo - Preschool Activities and Crafts
the fox and the hound buttons are all different sizes, but one is for each other
24 x Gruffalo Fairy Cake Toppers Printed on Icing
a child is playing with a toy made out of cookies and sprinkles
Gruffalo Play Dough! - The Imagination Tree
four cards with pictures of animals and words in the same language, including an owl, snake
have you seen a Gruffalo?
some stickers with animals on them sitting on a wooden table next to a toothbrush
Our favourite free resources from Twinkl
an image of animals that are in the air with words ebay 7997
Gruffalo Nursery Wall Stickers Small Size - Well & Truly Stuck Stickers