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someone is holding two plastic cups with fake flowers on them, and another cup has been placed next to it
TikTok · 妍妍🎀手工折纸
a doll is dressed in a white dress with gold sequins on the skirt
an image of a crochet basket with ribbons on it and another photo of the pattern
a doll is wearing a green sweater and yellow pants with a handbag in front of him
a crocheted barbie doll dressed in a yellow gown and fur stole with silver beading
a crocheted dress, hat and shoes are on display
Crochet baby dress
a barbie doll wearing a red dress with crochet and fringes on it
three crocheted flowers sitting on top of a table
the crochet pattern is easy to make and looks great for beginners
Crochet Mini Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern - Video