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a drawing of a blue peacock with feathers
Artwork published by Emily20239
'Peacock' - watercolour, oil pastel / wax crayon, black marker pen. From exhibit "Grade 1 'Peacock'" by Emily20239
someone is painting a flower with watercolors on paper
First/Second: Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flowers
Earl Warren Arts: First/Second: Georgia O'Keefe inspired flowers
three children's art projects with watercolors on paper and colored pencils
Elementary Art Unit: Color Theory
Teach and Shoot: Elementary Art Unit: Color Theory : Color Wheel
our awesome art project using cups, black paint and oil pastels! Simple art project! Oil Pastels, Art Projects For Adults, Ecole Art, Easy Art Projects, Kindergarten Art, School Art Projects, Camping Art, Pastel Art
Easy & Beautiful Art Project for Kids
our awesome art project using cups, black paint and oil pastels! Simple art project!
an abstract painting with colorful shapes and colors on it's surface, including the shape of a heart
Artwork by RaceCarKB1
Warm and cool hearts, for FIRST grade. Add border of "I love _____" repeating all around for writing connection...focus on spacing and balance.
this is an image of a colorful art project
Meaningful Art: Jim Dine Hearts
Savvy in Second: Meaningful Art: Jim Dine Hearts
an art project with sunflowers painted on it
2nd GRADE--Van Gogh Sunflowers
Van Gogh sunflowers
poppies Goodness Craft, Fruit Of The Spirit Goodness, Apple Garland, Remembrance Day Art, Poppy Craft, Emil Nolde, 3rd Grade Art, Poppy Art
Art Lesson for Kids Inspired by Emil Nolde Poppies
two children holding up their paintings in front of them with sea animals and turtle designs on them
Sea Turtles: A Movie and a Craft
Sea Turtles: A Movie and a Craft. Nice nature documentary for kids and then tie in with the art project.
a bulletin board with some writing on it and a flower made out of crayons
Classroom Doors - Be All You Can... (Picture Heavy Post)
Activities for a new class! Get the children to design one or two hands :)
a painting of many colorful fish on a blue background
Handprint Art. I made this painting with my daughter's classmates for the school auction. I painted the background and each child stamped their hand on the canvas.
an art project is shown on the table
2nd Grade - crayon resist - cool/warm
a child's face is shown with words written on it and an artistic background
Kinder mixed media portrait. Instructions here: