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a person holding a jar filled with lemon balm and green leaves in front of the text overlay reads 30 + lemon balm recipes herbs for health practical self reliance
30+ Best Ways to Use Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm Uses & Lemon Balm Recipes
If you're growing lemon balm in your herb garden, you may be wondering how to use it all. Lemon balm has many benefits for both food and herbal remedies. Learn how to use lemon balm for drinks, food recipes, and herbal medicine! ways to use fresh lemon balm | lemon balm recipes | lemon balm benefits
an apple and some granola are on the table
domowa prażona cebulka
three jars filled with different types of flowers on top of a wooden table next to two spoons
Elderflower and Wild Rose Tea - Skovkær
wild rose sugar
Wild Rose Sugar
some green vegetables are on a table and there is text overlay that says 50 + easy recipes for dandelion greens
50+ Easy Recipes for Dandelion Greens: Edible Wild Greens
Discover 50+ Easy Recipes for Dandelion Greens, highlighting Edible Wild Greens. These recipes transform your foraged or store-bought dandelion greens into delicious dishes, from pestos to salads. A great way to embrace spring foraging edible plants. Dive into more foraging recipes, wild food foraging, and healthy spring recipes at practicalselfreliance.com.
Dandelion fritters
lemon balm recipes for pad and medicine
Lemon Balm Recipes: food, drinks, remedies, + more!
Got lemon balm? Here are over 30 delicious lemon balm recipes to help you use all of this edible and medicinal herb growing in your yard!
a metal bowl filled with green leaves on top of a wooden table and text overlay that reads 11 non - stinging ways to use nettle
11 Non-Stinging Ways To Use Nettle
11 Non-Stinging Ways To Use Nettle
four pictures with different types of food on them
40+ Stinging Nettle Recipes (without the sting!)
stinging nettle soft tacos Protein, Fresh Coriander, Soft Tacos
Stinging Nettle Soft Tacos
purple flowers and cookies with text overlay that reads 25 ways to use wild violets
25 Wild Violet Recipes
Wondering what to do with all those beautiful wild violets in your yard? Check out these 25 creative wild violet recipes and put these lovely plants to use. Don't worry if the flowers are long gone: Violet leaves can be used in loads of wild violet recipes as well. | edible wild plants | recipes with wild violets | foraging |
different types of wild greens to fertige this season
25 Edible Wild Greens to Forage this Season
Did you know that some of the most nutritious foods on the planet can be gathered for free in your yard or neighborhood? Learn about the dozens of edible wild greens you can forage for this season. | edible wild plants | foraging wild food | seasonal eating | natural living |
Wild garlic sea salt Fruit, Wild Garlic, Wild Onions, Sea Salt Recipes, Herb Salt Recipe
Wild Garlic Sea Salt Recipe
a close up of a plant with the words foraging and using wild spinach on it
Identifying & Foraging Wild Spinach (Lambsquarters or Goosefoot)
Wild spinach — also known as lambs quarters or goosefoot — is a tasty wild plant that may already be growing in your garden. Learn what you need to know about identifying and foraging lambsquarters. | foraging guide | edible wild plants | lambsquarters identification |