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an abstract sculpture made out of wood and paper with circles, shapes, and dots
Mon Mignon
Could use this with Yr 9 for sculpture unit or Yr 7 and cubism // katharina trudzinski
a black and white drawing of two faces in a square frame with one eye open
wire portrait lesson
wire portrait lesson - Google Search
three black and white drawings of cows with horns on their backs, standing next to each other
Pablo Picasso - The Bull (State III-VI), 1945 studies depict Picasso's Spanish heritage just a few years after his exile from Spain.
a drawing of a woman's face with multicolored hair and glasses on black paper
crayon and ink picasso like face. One student draws one side, another one the other side, another one puts the colors
a painting of a man wearing a hat and suit with blue background is featured in this image
Pablo Picasso Blue. This is quite amazing!
an abstract painting with two faces and one is holding a piece of paper in his hand
Pablo Picasso 'Tete d'une Femme Lisant' Hand-painted Framed Art Print - Bed Bath & Beyond - 5483010
Pablo Picasso 'Tete d'une Femme Lisant' Hand-painted Framed Art Print
a painting of two people hugging each other
Ten Pieces of Inspiration #34 - The Simple Dollar
"Two Girls Reading", 1934 | Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) | University of Michigan Museum of Art
an image of different types of eyes and noses with the words, nose body parts
Pablo Picasso for Kids from SmartKidsWorksheets on TeachersNotebook.com (36 pages)
Pablo Picasso for Kids | More
an abstract painting of a woman's face
Cubist Sculpture Picasso created cubist sculptures as well as paintings. He also made constructions—such as Mandolin and Clarinet from odds and ends of wood, metal, paper, and nonartistic materials, in which he explored the spatial hypotheses of cubist painting. His Glass of Absinthe, combining a silver sugar strainer with a painted bronze sculpture, anticipates his much later “found object” creations, such as Baboon and Young, as well as pop art objects of the 1960s.
abstract painting of three faces with different colors greeting card by anasiaa art studios
Music Art for Sale - Pixels
Love the play of Picasso's Blue Period and Woman in a Mirror in Sandra Silberzweig's Painting "Picasso Blue Women s".