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a pink background with the words have you ever really understod the power of the blood
Learn how to apply the Blood of Jesus properly
Have you ever really understood the Power of the blood of Jesus? Are you using it? This morning the Lord gave me a vision and I had to share with everyone. I have always been able to see victory in my dreams fighting against spiritual forces. Sometimes I wonder how I know what to do, but somehow I always do, and what I learned in those dreams, I then apply to my life in the physical realm. It’s not the first time I dreamed, seeing myself using the blood of Jesus and each time it’s always the sam
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How to use the blood of Jesus as a weapon?
olives are being poured into a glass bowl with olive oil in it and an olive peeler next to the bowl
How to Anoint Your House With Oil - Positively Good
How to Anoint Your House With Oil - Designed For Success
the words how to anonit your house with oil in front of pictures of flowers and
How to Anoint Your House With Oil - Positively Good