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This Bundle is all about the Properties of Soil!*This is a smaller bundle - it does NOT include vocabulary sheets*Included in this download: 2 Science Doodles Original Foldables- All About Soil- Soil Types 32 Task Cards for review with student sheet and answer keyand a movie clip for folding and printing directions PowerPoint to show KEYS to the foldables Weekly Warm-up with KEYIn Texas this is covered in 4th grade, but tested in 5th grade on the state Staar Test.
Fingerprint Detectives Experiment. Teaches students about the scientific method and forensics. Easy science experiment for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, or 5th grade. Engaging!

Forensics Fun

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PRICES MAY VARY. Engages children's curiosity with appealing art, fascinating facts, and fun learning activities Creates the right ambiance to learn about atr#: 111114188##small# Acid-free material prevents dulling for lasting use Perfect for reminding students of scientific method

Beginning of the Year

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Warm-Ups and Exit tickets

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Notebooks and Thinking Maps

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Scientific Method/Scientific Processes

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Anchor Charts

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Vocabulary and the Word Wall

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Teach forces and motion with this fun virtual unit.  It lets the kids visit interactive websites, record information, and do hands-on activities to teach and reinforce 10 different forces of motion skills (including, simple machines, waves, magnets, mass, net force, pulls/pushes, friction, centripetal force, gravity, etc.) Includes 68 page powerpoint and 86 page journal.   $14.95

Science Humor

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15 Christmas science experiments and STEM activities for the holidays! Hands-on science to keep learning going through the end of the year!

Christmas, Holidays & Science

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Science Decor & Bulletin Boards

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CER: Claim-Evidence-Reason

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Test Review Strategies

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"Are you looking to decorate your classroom with fun, hand-drawn anchor charts/posters? Do you find it difficult to find the time to create, draw, outline and color? Don't fret. Give me the markers. Hi, I'm the Chart Lady! I love making engaging, eye catching and educational anchor charts. I also can draw/create any other topic you would like, just contact me directly and ask! My students absolutely love these posters and we use them daily. Many students are visual learners, so the colorful images really help them connect, recall and digest what we have learned. I call this anchor chart: \"Animal Adaptations\" Adaptations is always one of the favorite concepts for students. Being able to see different ways that animals can adapt to their environment is very helpful to master the content. *

Organisms and Environment

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Paper Airplane Experiment and Writing Activities This bundle starts off with resources and vocabulary posters to teacher your students about Aerodynamics (lift, thrust, gravity, drag). Your students will build and compare the flight of different paper air

Force, Motion and Energy

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States of Matter on Pinterest | 54 Pins

Matter and Energy

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This natural resources (renewable & nonrenewable resources) anchor chart is a great way to reinforce or introduce the concept with your students. I have included two copies of the chart so you can either print it as a full sheet or two to a page.
This Earth's Resources poster is designed to aide students in understanding that the Earth provides many natural resources. Some of those resources are constantly renewing themselves and others cannot be renewed. It is also important for children to understand that conserving those non-renewable resources is crucial for

Earth and Space

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a man is holding a paper airplane in his hands and the words giant paper airplanes made with poster board
Giant Paper Airplane Activity for Kids
a bulletin board with writing on it that says, what's he matter?
Word Work: Morning Centers —
the states of matter poster is displayed on a bulletin board with words and pictures around it
States of Matter
States of Matter on Pinterest | 54 Pins
a poster with different types of liquids and gas on it's side, in front of a black table
Solids Liquids and Gas
a white board with writing on it that says mixtures and solution for the problem
Mixtures and solutions anchor chart