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an old wooden desk with drawers on the top and one drawer open to show what's inside
Home Decor > Office > Desks
a wooden table with fruit on it in front of a window and vase filled with flowers
Fine Shaker Furniture Made in Vermont with Responsibly Harvested Wood and Solar Power
a small wooden desk with two drawers on one side and an open drawer on the other
floating top hall table and krenov display case
a small wooden desk with two drawers on each side and one drawer at the top
Starker Jahrgang
a small wooden table sitting on top of a white floor
Nightstand (Shaker Style)
a knife and cheese board on a wooden stand
orchidee_250310_05 » CONTEMPORIST
a wooden desk with drawers on it and an open drawer in the middle that holds several small objects
Die Gute Form 2013 – Theresa von Bodelschwingh, Nordrhein-Westfalen - OPO Oeschger GmbH
Sekretär von Theresa von Bodelschwingh