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a watercolor painting of grass and trees in the distance, with clouds above it
Original Watercolour Painting - Long Summer Grass - Signed Annabel Burton | Watercolor landscape paintings, Watercolor painting techniques, Art painting
Original Watercolour Painting - Long Summer Grass - Signed Annabel Burton
a painting of a boat floating in the water at night with trees and lights above it
Daniel Ablitt | Available Paintings
˚Sunset with Grandpa
Sunset with Grandpa
˚Sunset with Grandpa
a painting of palm trees and mountains in the background with pink, orange, yellow, and blue colors
Desertscape by Erin Hanson
This painting captures the beauty of sunrise dawning over the immensely high mountains behind Palm Springs, California. The brush strokes are loose and impressionistic, conveying the sense of movement and the feeling of standing outside in the crisp desert air, watching the sun rise.
an oil painting of grass and clouds in the sky with blue, yellow, and green colors
Dorothy Fagan Paintings & Drawings Artist | Artful Home
Pearl Essence by Dorothy Fagan. A clam buries itself in the sand, allowing the ebb and flow of life to wash over it until the pearl inside reflects all the colors of the creator within. The first inspiration for this painting was two oystermen raking the oyster beds at sunset. In the final painting, sun rises to reveal the essence of pearl. On gallery-wrapped canvas with painted sides.