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Photograph of a Boat viewed from above on very blue sea, in a small Greek harbour, with a few houses visible on the opposite shore line. Kefalonia Aesthetic, Greece Aesthetics Athens, Kefalonia Greece Aesthetic, Athens Beach, Greece Aesthetic, Kefalonia Greece, Greek Summer
Greece aesthetic inspiration
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an old amphit sits in the middle of a city
11 Best Things to do in Athens, Greece
a wooden bench sitting on top of a cement floor next to a flower covered arbor
📍Attic Urban Rooftop, Athens, Greece
an aerial view of some buildings and people
athens 🏛
three cats are sitting on the steps outside and one is walking away from the camera
Cats in Greece
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the sun is setting behind some statues on top of a hill with mountains in the background
Acropolis Porch of the Caryatids - Athens Greece
a woman standing in front of the ruins of an ancient city, looking up at the sky