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a bunch of different types of stickers on a white background with the words, i love you
121 Minimalist Tattoo Ideas For First-Timers
some flowers and hearts on a pink background
a woman's hand with a red ribbon tied around her wrist and the word love written on it
the simpsons characters are depicted in this hand - drawn illustration by artist jeff vandermeer
a drawing of various items on a white paper with the words paradise written in black ink
• Cutesie Flash • (Insta - @chloelanetattoos)
some drawings of different things on paper
110 Minimal Tattoo Designs That Are Far From Simplistic
the las vegas logo is shown in red and black on a light pink background with an image of two teddy bears holding hands
an iphone screen with the words heaven sent on it and various items drawn by hand
a woman's stomach with a small tattoo of a shell and an apple on it