Devi durga

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an ornate painting on the side of a building with gold and red accents, depicting a woman
Tamil Tanjore Art Gallery
an image of a woman sitting in the middle of a frame with flowers on it
Ma Annapurna
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a painting of a woman in red and gold holding a staff with pink flowers around her
there is a woman holding a baby in her lap and three other women around her
Raj Parivar. Satyugi Jeevan Swarg. Family Life with children. Bachon ki Parvarish. Makkhan khilana.
a painting of a girl with a lion on her shoulder, holding the face of a woman
Goddess, Beautiful Indian Actress, Kali Goddess, Women
Aadi Shakti, Durga Painting, Saraswati Goddess, Ancient Beauty
जय लक्ष्मी माता🙏