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two men standing next to each other in the street
45 Dank Memes For Anyone Desperate For A Break
a computer screen with the caption when you had to much fun chatting
101+ Funny Nurse Memes That Are Ridiculously Relatable!
the patient immediately after transferring from bed to chair light imma head back cartoon character
the game of thrones meme is shown with an image of daeneria
20 Memes To Remind Us Work Sucks
an image of a woman with the caption that reads, the spirit of florence nightfallal watching you not count respirators
an older man driving a car with the caption that reads, my organ watching me take medication on an empty stomach with cold brew
38 Random Pics and Memes That'll Spin Heads
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I sent this to my mom (a nurse) and she called me crying laughing at 11 PM.