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a grave in the middle of a cemetery with grass growing on it's sides
Anne Bronte's resting place
St Mary's Churchyard Scarborough
an empty cobblestone street in the evening
Haworth, uk.
an empty cobblestone street in the evening
Haworth, uk.
a large clock tower towering over a snow covered park
Haworth 2012
an open gate with snow on the ground
Haworth 2012
an old cemetery with headstones in front of it and a large building behind it
Brontë Parsonage Museum Haworth
Bronte Parsonage Museum and Haworth Cemetery, Yorkshire #northernengland #lovegreatbritain #wanderlust #fishandfeathers #travelblog
an old set of stairs leading up to the basement
The home that 'inspired Jane Eyre' opens after 10-year renovation
When Bronte visited the property she heard of a legend about an insane lady having been co...
people are walking around in front of a small building with steps leading up to it
The Brontes, Haworth
an old brick house with white windows and lots of grass
Inside the Yorkshire home of the Brontë sisters
an old stone building with a tree growing out of it
7 Buildings That Tell the Story of the Brontë Sisters
Ruins of Chapel of St James, Old Bell Chapel, Bradford. The Rev Patrick Brontë was curate of the chapel from 1815 to 1820 when the family moved to Haworth.