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a poster with the words let students search for plagiism in a paper and correct it
Teaching High School Students How to Avoid Plagiarism - Celebrating Secondary
Teaching High School Students How to Avoid Plagiarism - Celebrating Secondary
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Higher Order Thinking with Bloom's Taxonomy Questions
🚀 Enhance your students' critical thinking and creativity skills with Bloom’s Taxonomy Questions! Check out the latest blog post by guest author Amelia Febriani on how AI integration in education can enhance higher order thinking skills! With AI-powered & generated higher-level questions, teachers can promote HOTS
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Learning Theories
Find Theories for your Theoretical Framework
the 4 most powerful tools for long - term learning by peter s schreck
Here are the four most powerful tools for long-term learning – Retrieval Practice
a white sheet with the words forget about study guides, use retrieval guides instead
Forget about study guides. Use Retrieval Guides instead. – Retrieval Practice
a poster with the words use fliphunts to create engaging lessons for your class
Adding Adventure to Instruction by Using a Fliphunt
the front cover of a book with text on it and an image of a question
Ranking Multiple-Choice Answers to Increase Cognition - The Effortful Educator
Multiple-choice questions…some people love them, some people hate them. What if, when presented with a multiple-choice question, students had to not only choose the correct answer, but they had to rank each option from most correct to somewhat correct to somewhat incorrect to most incorrect?
an article about the grad group's presentation on how to use it for presentations
A Fairer Way to Grade Group Presentations — Pedagogy Unbound
the minute paper where you've been and where you're going is available to print
The Minute Paper: where you've been and where you're going — Pedagogy Unbound
an article about the use of monte carlo quizzes to promote students'engagement with their peers
Use Monte Carlo Quizzes to promote student engagement — Pedagogy Unbound
In a 2004 article in College Teaching, Peter Fernald writes of a technique that improves upon the surprise quiz. Fernald was looking for a way to ensure that his students were doing all of the reading, but also hoping to encourage the right kind of reading, reading that actively engages with the material and lays the groundwork for real understanding. He evolved something he calls the Monte Carlo Quiz. At a certain point in each class period a student must roll a standard six-sided di...
an info sheet with instructions on how to use the instructional strategy for teaching and learning
25 Quick and Easy Tips for New Teachers
the book cover for 5 no - fail learning strategy with an image of a brain
Making Learning STICK - Teaching Strategies Proven by Neuroscience
a woman sitting at a table with sticky notes on it and the words retrieval practice
Retrieval Practice: The Most Powerful Learning Strategy You're Not Using | Cult of Pedagogy
an orange background with the words 17 tweaks that make a big difference in group work
17 Tweaks That Make a Big Difference in Group Work