DIY candles and ideas for candle making projects, candle labels, scented candles, and candle decorating.
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Candle Care Tips to Make Candles Last Longer
You’ll be so glad you found these candle care instructions for your candle tools and much more. Be sure to print out the free candle care cards and candle care tips!
diy beeswax candles with text overlay
Beeswax Candles You Can Make at Home
In this article I'll show you how to enjoy a family-friendly craft activity of making your own beeswax candles. It is a simple 5 step process!
how to make an essential oil eucalyptus candle melts for diy crafts and home decor
DIY Essential Oil Eucalyptus Candle Melts
These DIY eucalyptus candle melts are easy to make when you follow my steps. Check out my article to learn how you can create your own at home!
diy candles with the words essential oil learn how to use them
Beautiful Essential Oil Scented Candles You Can Make
You can create these attractive essential oil scented candles by following my simple steps. These lovely terracotta candles will add a touch of nature and an exotic aroma to any space in your home!
three bowls with dried flowers in them and the words how to make dried flower tapers
Dried Flower Taper Candles You Can Make
Learn to preserve dried flowers and dress up your taper candles at the same time. I'll show you how to make these beautiful dried flower taper candles that you can display and use in your home.
homemade coffee candle mugs with text overlay
Make these Coffee Candle Mugs!
Fill your home with the aroma of a coffee house when you create and use these coffee candles. I'll show you how in my article and you love how easy they are to make!
the title for how much wax do i need? answers to commonly asked questions about candle making
Your Candle Making Questions Answered
Most people want to know how much wax is needed per candle. The good news is that there is a simple solution and you can read my article to learn this and more!
the words, what supplies do you need to make candles? and pictures of kitchen utensils
Candle Making Supplies You Need!
Check out my blog post to learn the best candle making supplies! Candle making isn't difficult when you have the all the right tools!
lavender lemon dough bowl candle on a white wooden table with text overlay that reads diy lavender lemon dough bowl candle
Lemon Lavender Homemade Dough Bowl Candle
If you’ve been eyeing these oversized rustic candles, let me show you how to make a dough bowl candle with this fun lemon lavender homemade candle project!
a hand holding a star shaped object with the words how long do wax melts last?
Make American Wax Melt Stars
🌟✨ You can make these Americana Wax Melt Stars by reading my article! Create your own scented, red, white, and blue stars by following my simple steps on how to make wax melts at home.
the cover of how much essential oil do you need to make wax melts?
DIY Cactus Wax Melts
🕯️ Have you sworn off of ever buying store-bought candles that contain unknown ingredients? Read my article and learn how you can make cactus candle melts at home using essential oils. Follow my recipe to make the fresh smelling wax melts today!
beeswax tea light candles in a wicker basket with text overlay that reads learn how to make beeswax tealight candles
DIY Beeswax Tea Light Candles
Read my blog post to follow my recipe and make your own candles made with the sweet, soft scent of beeswax and essential oils like vanilla, cinnamon, and clove.