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an image of two people that are standing in the sand with their arms around each other
Abstrakt skulptur - "Married" - Skulpturer - Figurer
a sculpture of a man and woman holding each other
Abstrakt skulptur - "Kiss" - Figurer
two colorful birds sitting on top of a metal stand
Fugle | nordfang-glasdesign.dk
two cat sculptures are sitting on top of each other
Image result for pinterest fused glass cat
a green and black cat sitting on top of a glass shelf next to a white wall
there is a black and blue cat statue on the table
glas billeder
glaskunst figuer - Google-søgning
a black cat brooch sitting on top of a plate
Kitty-Kat Accessories
Lea Stein Cats
two black and red dog paw magnets sitting on top of a white tablecloth
The Echo Bouvier Message Forum
Paw Spoon Rests - The Echo Bouvier Message Forum
a blue cat statue sitting on top of a wooden base
Escultura gatito azul... by https://www.facebook.com/besos.devidrio
a white ceramic cat with black eyes on a gray surface and the face is shaped like a cat's head
GREAT SHRINK PLASTIC PROJECT. Fusing is not really my thing, but I really like this! Lea Stein Cats - Atilla & Gomina #11
a painting on the wall of a building with buildings painted on it's sides
20x 60 cm NYHAVN DENMARK Float glass - with Thompson www.glas.sannej.dk
three glass owl figurines sitting next to each other
studenter ugler på glasfod
studenter ugler på glasfod
five plastic mannequins are lined up against a wooden wall
Personlige ting evt. med navn og dato
Personlige ting evt. med navn og dato
a white tiger figurine sitting on top of a wooden table with blue eyes
Vilde dyr | nordfang-glasdesign.dk
Vilde dyr
this is a painting of some houses on the water with boats in front of them