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the words are written in black and white
Albert Einstein citat om genier wallsticker
Albert Einstein citat Alle er genier
an old couple walking down the street with a quote about falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special
INSTAPRAY - Your Prayer Network
Staying in Love is Very SPECIAL.
an old black and white photo of some women riding in a roller coaster with their mouths open
Grace Robertson photographs
you can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row.
a quote that reads, a bad attitude can literally block love's blessing and destroy from finding you don't be the reason you don't
attitude ☼
the words play that funky music while boy are black and white
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play that
an old book with the quote i have no special talent, i am only passionately curious
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I so love this<3
an airplane flying in the sky with a caption that reads, when nothing goes right go left
When nothing goes right, go left...
a quote that reads, storms make trees take deeper roots
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Storms make trees take deeper roots.
a snail with the words love is blind on it's back and an image of a
Love is blind
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