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an image of a woman and child in the kitchen
a stuffed cow laying on top of a bed next to an open window in a room
an old man and woman eating ice cream while sitting in a convertible car with the caption, forever young at heart
a lady bug sitting on top of a green leaf
the reflection of a woman in a window with arabic writing on it's glass
the shadow of a woman's shirt on her body is cast by leaves and grass
a hammock hanging from the side of a stone wall next to a pool
A la piscine - Lili in wonderland
A la piscine - Lili in wonderland
two pink chaise lounge chairs sitting in the middle of a garden
some lawn chairs and umbrellas in the grass
an old woman is looking out the window at a chicken sitting on the ledge next to her
Life with chicken.
an old book page with words written in black and white on the front, along with pictures of flowers
Floriography: The Secret Language of Flowers in the Victorian Era — Planterra Conservatory
a woman's eye with long lashes and brown hair is seen in this close up photo
an outdoor stage with curtains and the words theatre written on it in front of some bushes
Outdoor play theatre
an old book with flowers on the cover
Tiverton tales [Front cover]
Cover design by Sarah Wyman Whitman Leaf-green cloth, gold stamped lettering and iris crest with green and purple accents.
a piece of paper with the words you need art written on it is attached to a door
Эстетика / Визуал / Сторис / Репост поста / Оформление сторис / Сторисмейкер / Палитра / Цвета / Стикеры / Шрифты /Продвижение / Продвижение блога / Телеграм / Оформление телеграм / Оформление поста / Идеи для сторис / Инстаграм / Сторис / Сторис Инстаграм / Stories / Красивые сторис / Вдохновение сторис / Reels / Рилс / Блог / Блогинг / Личный бренд / Визуал / Stories / Visual / Красивые сторис / Вдохновение сторис Zitate, Inspo, Prints, Vibes
Фото для визуала | tg-канал об оформлении контента @visual_lokanellaa
the other world on glimpses of the supernatural by w g gimpessi
the symbols and their meanings are shown in two different styles, each with an individual's own language
Moodboard - Demons and their Sigils of Summoning, Occult Geometry, and Neon Spirits
Witch Spell Book, Magick Spells, Runes
Book of Shadows 15 Page 8 by Sandgroan on DeviantArt
some type of calligraphy that has been designed to look like it is in different languages
What is the origin for those symbols? Are they ancient or recent? I see them everywhere on social media but what is their primary source?