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many cards with butterflies and numbers on them
three small cards with buttons and twine tied to them on a green tablecloth
МК "АТС из нескраповых материалов"
two tags are sitting on top of an old book with writing and pictures attached to them
many different pieces of paper are arranged on a table top, including tags and ribbons
Junk Journal Mini Embellishment Tags 3
two pieces of fabric with lace and buttons on them, one has a sewing machine
DIY ~ Vintage 3 Pocket Storage Hanger
four birds are sitting on top of some old postcards
Journaling Card Set, Junk Journal Cards, Scrapbooking Ephemera, Bird Cards, Junk Journal Inserts
two pieces of paper with tags attached to them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
a person holding up some pictures with butterflies on them
a blue card with white flowers and pearls on the bottom, sitting on a table
Mixed Media Wedding Card ~ DT for Helmar
Card: Mixed Media Wedding Card ~ DT for Helmar
there is a white card with flowers on it and a teddy bear next to it
Шоколадница новогодняя...очередная)
Совушка: Шоколадница новогодняя...очередная)
a close up of a card with flowers and lace on the edge, along with white doily
Цветной марафон-2. Римейк. Цвет - розовый, коралловый, малиновый
Vintage Cafe Card Challenge: Color marathon-2. Remake. Color - pink, coral, crimson