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Lower body movement from Nelly 👌🏼
Join our course today to hone your short game skills and become a confident golfer on the greens!
Swing fast not hard golf tip ⛳️
Tiger Woods Golf Swing in Slo Motion is a Work of Art
Experience the poetry in motion as Tiger Woods' golf swing unfolds in mesmerizing slow motion. Each frame captures the precision, power, and grace of a golfing legend. 🐅⛳ #TigerWoods #GolfSwing #LegendaryForm
Lag and Hinge - Kerry Maher
Hotel sessions! ⛳️ Hang with the Pro Session: 5 Tips for working on wrist hinge! 1. Understand lag 2. Practice 3/4 swing 3. Coffee table visual 4 & 5. STAY TUNED, they will be in the next video😎 Join my Golf & Fitness community at #golfkerrymaher #kerrymahergolf #hotelgolf #golftips #laggolf #golfprobackpocket #onlinefitness #onlinegolfcommunity #golfladies #womengolf #golfpro #womangolfpro #kerrymaherlive
Putting 101 - Kerry Maher
Explore the dynamics of your upper and lower body in putting with my Golf Tip of the Day! 🏌️‍♂️
Don’t golf with your head - Kerry Maher
⛳️ Golf tip of the day: Don’t swing with your HEAD!! Throughout the swing, your head should remain exactly at the same spot. So keep the head aka the anchor centered & let the arms FLY!! It’s a common mistake, but don’t worry, it’s an easy fix!
Your Half Swing is a GAME CHANGER - Kerry Maher
⛳️ HALF SWING + LAG & HINGE 😎 3 Drills to work on LAG 1. 1/2 swing drill 2. Separate hands drill 3. Wip it down the range drill
Impact is really important - Kerry Maher
Discovering the magic of impact in your golf swing is like unlocking a treasure chest! It took me ages to crack the code – from weight shifts to hand positions, it was a puzzle!
Simple Downswing Drill, Golf Golfing ⛳
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Power from the Ground Up - Kerry Maher
Here’s a great Golf Drill to help you with early release! The Toilet Paper Drill
a woman swinging a golf club on top of a green field with the words bump your hip to start the downswing
Bump Your Hip to Start the Downswing