Christmas decorations

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a christmas tree with lights and ornaments in a basket on the floor next to stairs
two coffee cups with holly and berries on them, one has a lit candle in the middle
a vase filled with lots of candles on top of a table
a green wreath with silver ornaments and greenery on the front is hung on a wall
How to Decorate With Holiday Greenery and Keep It Fresh All Season Long
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a chandelier with pine cones and candles hanging from it
Julekugler og pynt til juletræet - Køb juletræskugler og pynt her
Kogle - Adventskrans til ophæng - Ib Laursen - Rust - Natur
four candles are lit on a table with succulents and greenery
Nice simple table arrangement
a candle that is sitting on top of a wooden stand with pine cones and branches
a christmas wreath with gold ornaments and greenery on a black stand in front of a gray wall
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