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a bracelet with a tree charm on it
Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial
DIY: pulsera humihimo plana corazones
an image of some red and white wires in the middle of a hole that is connected to another wire
How to Do Kumihimo with Beads
a piece of wood sitting on top of grass with two white and gray strings attached to it
The Trollen Wheel. What it is and a flat braid turorial.
eight different types of loom ties laid out on a white plate with purple background
Video – Braiding on the Round Kumihimo Disk
a pink and green beaded belt with a tassel on it's end
KUMIHIMO TUTORIAL Sakura Genji 24 Cherry Blossom
a white object with pink and green string attached to it next to a black chain
Video – 16 cord flower and stripe braid
the back side of a white plate with japanese characters on it and numbers written in black
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an image of the instructions for how to make a snake's head on a rope
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a white disk with the words kawasaki kunmimo disk written in japanese on it
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the instructions for how to make a rug
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