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three different types of leather cases are shown in this image, one is open and the other has an empty wallet
Get Inspired: Handmade Leather Perfection from Teranishi
a leather wallet sitting on top of a wooden table next to an empty notebook cover
FIELD THEORIES | STYLESEEKER man - Personalised Style Search and Style Blog
FIELD THEORIES: What do intrepid mountain men from the Rocky West and a superbly crafted leather folio have in common?
two different types of wallets sitting on top of each other, one is black and the other is brown
小箱の形の革の名刺入れ - 革財布・革小物のDURAM FACTORY
leather card case | Duram Factory For when I need to give out business cards. Would also make a good present for someone
two pieces of metal and wood are shown
a purple box with a pink lid next to it
Continental Wallet, Office Supplies, Wallet
an open black box with a yellow label on the front and bottom, sitting next to it's contents
an assortment of art work displayed on a white table with two books and one magazine holder
three notebooks and a pen sitting next to each other
an open blue box with a pair of glasses in it's lid and inside