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an abstract painting of houses and trees
le ruisseau à Bazet
a watercolor painting of a house in the woods with trees and buildings behind it
Heinz Büchele
Heinz Büchele
an oil painting of clothes hanging out to dry on a line in front of a building
a painting hanging on a wall next to a white brick building with blue sidings
Prints — Jess Franks Art
a watercolor painting of a red beach hut on the sand with blue chairs and seagulls in the background
Advocate-Art | London - Seville - New York
a painting of a beach scene with an umbrella and chair
Seascape Paintings — Nicola Jane Rabbett Fine Art Ltd
the beach huts are lined up against the blue sky and there is a chair with a ball on it
Beach Huts Close Up
an abstract painting of boats in the water with buildings on each side and one boat at the far end
Sterling Edwards
an abstract painting of rooftops and buildings
Urban Sprawl 1 by Rae Andrews
a watercolor painting of some houses and trees
Village Life Wood Print by Rae Andrews