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16 Fragrant Indoor Plants to Fill Your Home with Natural Scents
the words 10 antibiotic herbs and plants you can grow
Simple Natural Antibiotics
How to Propagate a Snake Plant
Gardening WOW
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Daily Nourishment- Natural Cleaning products
Not only are these plants extremely easy keepers, they even have health benefits! 🌱Christmas Cactus- releases oxygen throughout the night and helps purify the air as you sleep • 🌱Air plant-reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve focus at home or work + releases oxygen at night • 🌱Snake Plant-Filters indoor air, removes toxic pollutants, & may help with allergies • 🌱Spider Plant-Produces oxygen, safe for pets, & can help remove carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, Xylene, and toluene • 🌱Peace Lily-Purifies air, prevents mildew formation, & absorbs acetone vapors • 🌱Prayer Plant-Filters/cleans the air • 🌱Aloe Plant-Great for wounds & has antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties • 🌱String of Pearls-Release oxygen, purify the air, & can improve the humidity in
How To Reuse Old Soil
How to reuse old potting soil ➡️You could add some slow release fertilizer. Or not, if you fertilize your plants when watering⠀ ➡️If you want to be more scientific, you can also check the PH after mixing to make sure it's in the right range, between 5.5 and 6.5 for most houseplants.
Propagate TONS of spider plants for free!! Super easy and you’ll have plenty in no time🌱
Difficulty: Easy Needed • 1 spider plant • Clean Scissors • Small glass or vial • Water • Love • Time • Soil
House Plants You Should Own
When You are going to select a house plants you have to think about a lot of things because some plants dont suite for indoor gardening these are the house plants you should own. Save this video for later • Credit:@nataliadenise • #houseplants #plants
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there are many different types of house plants in this info sheet for each planter
9 plants with difficulty care levels
Mason Jar Herb Garden
How to make Mason jar herb garden in home.. Credit eHow (
Top 5 Easiest & Low-Light Apartment Plants | Beginner Indoor Houseplants | Plant Inspiration
These easy low maintenance indoor plants will thrive in most indoor environments and do not need to be watered often. Not only do they act as decorating tools, but also bring benefits like purifying your air, eliminating odors, reducing stress, and more. #indoorplants #plantdecor #lowlightplants #stylingwithplants #plantinspiration | Easy Care Plants, Best Indoor Plants, Plants Indoor, Sustainable Trends, In-Home Plants, House Plants, Plant Care, Apartment Plants
the very best bedroom plants in english
The Very Best Bedroom Plants