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a bedroom with a large tapestry on the wall and two lamps hanging from the ceiling
London bedroom with tapestry ~ Paolo Moschino designer
a living room with a large tapestry on the wall
Vogue town and country
a living room filled with lots of furniture and paintings on the wall next to a chandelier
AN ANTIQUES DEALER'S OLD-WORLD PARIS APARTMENT... In Paris, connoisseurs Sylvain Lévy-Alban and Charlie Garnett create an ardently old-world atmosphere in a residence that recalls the glory days of European collecting...Photography by Pascal Chevallier
An Antique Dealer's Old-world Paris Apartment
a living room filled with furniture and a checkered floor
Tapestry on table via Lisa Farmer designs
an ornate dining room with tapestry on the wall
Decorate With Tapestries And Bring Old World Charm To Your Interiors.
Decorating with tapestries brings an old world charm to your interiors.
a dining room table with pink chairs and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
The End of An Era At 40% Off!
Love the chair fabric too ~ In the dining room with 18th century paneling, the tapestry was bought at a nearby market.
a living room filled with lots of white furniture
Michael Taylor's Style Really Lasts
Michael Taylor
an old dresser with two lamps on it
Distressed panels with Tapestries
a large tapestry in the middle of a room
Private Site
The Diogenes Room at Dyrham, showing one of the English 'Diogenes' tapestries and part of the collection of Delftware