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several different types of shoes are shown in this collage, including one with an old sewing machine and the other with new ones
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Made with paper
five little mouses hanging on the wall with hats and mittens attached to them
A workshop with Julie Arkell
Julie Arkell
two lamps sitting on top of a table next to each other
Vitrines - Shop windows
several lit up pumpkins sitting on the steps
Lomography - "Papier à êtres" - The art of working the paper
"Papier à êtres" - The art of working the paper - Lomography
many pictures of different bowls and spoons with scissors in them, all being made from cardboard
Under Construction
Paper mache teacups!!! @Danielle Troxel We HAVE TO make!!!!!
a white vase with a woman holding a dragonfly on it's back and the light turned on
Paper lampshades.....
three little ballerinas are hanging from the ceiling in front of a large window
Un mobile de danseuses en papier
Mobile en fil de fer torsadé avec danseuses étoile en papier et tutu pailleté / Paper and wire dancers
an ornament shaped like a tomato with a fairy on top
Tangerine at the Toe - Krinkles Fruit and Vegetable Ornaments by Patience Brewster at Fiddlesticks
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree with lights in the background and a monkey holding a candy cane
Patience Brewster - Fairy Ornament
a wind chime with cactuses and succulents hanging from it
papier mache cacti
papier mache cacti | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
two wooden dolls hanging from strings on a lace tablecloth covered wall, one holding a doll and the other looking at something
Artwork «Bluebells Ivan da Maria
love the faces
a group of paper dolls hanging from the side of a wire rack on top of a table
Angels watch over me please..
My Curious Tea Party: Angels watch over me please..