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a crocheted soccer ball sitting on top of a blue couch cushion with black and white dots
Hæklet fodbold opskrift
strik bed elsk: Hæklet fodbold opskrift
an info sheet showing the different types of plants in pots and potted planters
7 Creative Garden Projects and Diy Path Ideas 5 - Diy Crafts You & Home Design
Food that regrows itself
two crocheted potholders with the words hot on them
HOTTE grydelapper - Garn Grammatik
HOTTE grydelapper - Garn Grammatik
a crocheted monkey sitting on the floor with its legs crossed and eyes closed
Kay Bojesen inspireret abe - Garn Grammatik
Kay Bojesen Abe_22
two crocheted stuffed animals sitting next to each other on top of a tree
DIY - Kinderæg med kaniner
Halager: DIY - Kinderæg med kaniner
several lit candles are lined up on a table
{Coastal Nest}
drill holes in wood, place tea lights. Table center piece for outside table.
the instructions for making an orange heart sweater
D.I.Y. Heart shaped elbow patches. Swoon. - Lucky Pony
DIY heart elbow patches
instructions to make a heart shaped t - shirt
DIY Elbow Patch
No-Sew Heart Elbow Patches
an image of some pixellated video game characters on a blue and black checkered background
mario quilt
mario quilt by Cut To Pieces, via Flickr - patterns could be used for cs
the screen is showing an image of t - shirts with different colors and patterns on them
DIY tie dye @Jenny Kuchynski
an array of different colored papers on a wooden table
DIY Gift Box Paper Cup
I combined 2 Pinterest tutorials here: DIY lego man wax crayons and a DIY gift box up-cycled from the crayon packaging, to make my Phil a valentines present with the help of my eldest, Daisy (age 4). Original tutorials on my board - 'One of a million things I want to do'
the instructions for how to use an oven mitt with pictures on it, and then put
So Easy!!! Take any printable you want and make a jar label!
a hand holding a small piece of yarn with two strings attached to it, on top of a wooden table
Make a Friendship Bracelet the Easy Way
Make Friendship Bracelet the Easy Way