Tsuki Odyssey

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an illustrated drawing of a house in the middle of a tree trunk with stairs to it
Finally got enough doors to finish my layout 😌
a game scene with a bed, desk and bookshelf
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Tsuki odyssey
the interior of a small house with plants and pots on the table in front of it
an image of a cartoon house with plants and animals in the living room, as well as potted cacti
a cartoon bear is standing next to a beehive and another piece of wood
an image of some kind of game that looks like it has many eggs in it
an image of plants and rocks on a green background
an overhead view of a house with plants on the roof and in the kitchen area
Tsuki's cribb
an aerial view of a small town with lots of trees and bushes on the ground
a room filled with lots of plants next to a stove top oven
an image of a tent set up in the middle of a field with pillows and other items
Tsuki’s odyssey farm deco