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an advertisement with cucumber slices and leaves on the front cover of a magazine
The Year’s Best Magazine Design
The Year’s Best Magazine Design
four different pictures showing the process of making scarfs with scissors and fabric, including one woman's hand holding a sewing needle
Cyanotype Scarf ...
cyanotype scarf... i wanna try this :)
four different types of plants are shown in blue and white
anna atkins cyanotype
Texture, Atelier, Brigitte, Collection, Morels, Rock, Bal, Rocks And Crystals
Atelier Brigitte Morel
six different colored glasses sitting on top of a window sill next to each other
two dried plants sit in front of a blue and white striped wall with a wooden frame
Herbier/Cyanotype Pampa | Un 8 Aout | Création Française
two boxes with scissors and thread on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
DIY Projects & Crafts
Vintage, Paintings, Illustrators, Monoprint, Monoprint Art, Botanical Art
an open book sitting on top of a table next to blue papers and flowers in the pages
Cyanotype Book Marks
an image of snowflakes on a blue background
Blueprint med berlinerblåt: Cyanotypi for begyndere i 7 step
a blue and white photo hanging on a clothes line with two feet in the air
a piece of cloth with a girl and stars on it
28. Juli 2017 – Sonnengedrucktes Sterngefunkel…
three blueprinted maps hanging from twine strings
Legend (Cyanotype book re-edition)
Bags, Crochet, Taschen, Tricot, Painted Tote, Fabric Bag, Fabric, Costura
an assortment of flowers are arranged in squares on the wall, each with different colors and shapes
a blue and white umbrella with flowers on it's side hanging from a wall
Artist and printmaker | Indigo Moth Botanical Prints
an image of a blue background with white lace on it's collar and back
Antique lace collar
several pieces of blue paper with white feathers on them
a blue and white tote bag sitting on top of a wooden easel next to an easel
Faça você mesma bolsas 8 ideias
a blue book with an audio cassette on it's cover and eyeballs in the background
an art work with many different pictures on it
Cyan Silhouettes
an image of trees and moon in the night sky with white lines on blue fabric
How to See Beauty and Goodness Everywhere
several white umbrellas are arranged in the shape of snowflakes on a black background
Workshops teaching the cyanotype process run by Alun Kirby
a blue and white snowflaked zippered pouch sitting on top of a wooden table
Cyanotype pouch
four blue and white buttons with trees on them sitting on a cloth covered tablecloth
Cianotipia / Cyanotype
a blue and white drawing of a sea shell
Original Prints
blue paper with white designs on it and a glass bell jar next to the papers
a piece of paper with blue and white designs on it
various embroidery designs are displayed on a piece of wood
Cyanotype Pendants
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to a tweet
blue and white painted rocks with leaves on them
Cyanotype stones / pebbles by Indigo Moth Botanical Prints
an abstract painting with blue and white lines on it's surface, in front of a gray background
Eben Goff - Batholith Etching, Monoprint #B-9
a blue and white flower is shown against a dark blue background, with the petals still attached
blue and white tags are hanging from strings
Handmade Cyanotype Tags