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solar system early learning unit for kids to learn the planets and other things that are in it
Simple Early Solar System Unit for Kids
Learn about outer space with this fun solar system unit for early grades!
flower life cycle sequence activity for kids with flowers and plants on it, including the words'flower life cycle '
Flower Life Cycle Sequencing Activity
Learn how flowers grow from seed to plant with this hands-on flower life cycle sequencing activity!
frog life cycle mini coloring book for kids to color and practice their writing skills with
Frog Life Cycle Mini Coloring Book for Kids
This mini frog life cycle coloring book is so cute for spring animal science lessons!
English and Spanish Solar System Learning Cards
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an animal sorting activity for kids with pictures on it and the words, nocturn animals
Diurnal and Nocturnal Animals Sorting Activity for Early Grades
Teach early students how to recognize animals with different sleeping habits with this hands-on diurnal and nocturnal animals sorting activity!
Hibernation Sorting Activity
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Penguin Life Cycle Sequencing Activity
This hands-on penguin life cycle sequencing activity is a simple way to learn about animal science during winter!
Digital Frog Life Cycle Sequencing Activity
This digital frog life cycle sequencing lesson is a fun way to help early learners understand life cycles!
Frog Life Cycle Sequencing Activity
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Floating Egg Science Experiment
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there are several different activities for kids to do with the weather and water in glass bottles
15 Fun Weather STEM Activities for Kids
This list of fun weather STEM activities is perfect for science in early grades!
40 Spring Science Ideas for Kids - Look! We're Learning!
This list of 40 spring science ideas is excellent for springtime science lessons!
Printable Spring Flower Identification Flashcards for Kids!
Learn about common flower varieties with these spring flower identification cards! Perfect for a nature walk!