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the color cars pattern clip cards are great for kids to practice counting and matching numbers
Colorful Cars! Math Pattern Clip Cards
Teach early learners how to build basic math patterns with these colorful cars math pattern clip cards!
the sunflower making ten center is shown with yellow and orange balls in front of it
Sunflower Making Ten Playdough Math Center
Use playdough to add up to ten with this sunflower themed playdough math center!
the ice cream shape sorting activity is shown with text on it and an image of two pieces
Ice Cream 2D Shape Sorting Activity for Kids
Help early learners recognize plane shapes with this fun ice cream shape sorting activity!
Spring into Counting Math Center
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the shape train craft is made with construction paper
Easy Shape Train Math Craft for Kids
Get some early math practice with little ones and make this simple shape train craft!
Pumpkin Pie Fractions Activity and Clip Cards
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Spanish Acorn Counting Clip Cards
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Apple Counting to Ten Math Center
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some sort of shape sort cards with text that says shape sort hands - on activity mats
Hands-On Shape Sorting Activity Mats
Help preschoolers and kindergarteners recognize shapes in the real world with these shape sorting activity mats!
Apple Time! Telling Time Math Center
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Apple Time! Telling Time Math Center
Teach first graders how to tell time to the hour and half hour with this apple themed telling time math center!
Candy Bag Skip Counting Activity for Kids
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Ladybug Counting Activity for Kids
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Digital + Print Ladybug Number Word Puzzles
These ladybug number word puzzles are a fun way to strengthen counting skills and number word fluency!
Leapfrog Count and Spin Math center
This frog-themed kindergarten math center is so much fun for teaching how to count one more and one less!