Enthusiasm for animals of the zoo documented in photos. Pictures taken by @loriwebb
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WWF - Panda numbers on the rise
Are you a Panda fan? Today (March 16th) is #NationalPandaDay. In 2019, Copenhagen Zoo got two. And a year later, NPR, reported that the male panda, Xing Er, had escaped his enclosure & roamed around the park until zookeepers safely recovered him prior to park opening. Here are a few of many pictures I have taken of the panda who temporarily tasted more than his 40 kg daily diet of bamboo one day in the middle of a global pandemic. He tasted freedom. #giantpandas #zoologiskhave #copenhagenzoo
a close up of a white and black tiger's face
Amur Leopard
Panthera pardus orientalis Status: Endangered photo: @loriwebb